As soon as you make a mistake check that item

After deciding to quit my job, I thought of taking qualification somewhat.

Even if I am complimentary for my sake, I do not look smart.

Anyway if I had that, I would be surprised qualified.

How about a national qualification?

I was aiming for acquiring national qualification just by nothing to do.

First, from qualification selection.

Check from things that are named as national qualifications, those that seem to have a low threshold.

What was noticed at that time was the housing examination chief qualification exam, that is, it was a home building.

Apparently the exam seems to be a choice problem or round batts problem scheme that chooses the correct answer from the four answers, so that it is likely that a fluke will be expected if this is the case, we aim to acquire a home.

It’s 100% self-taught just as a trigger.

Until the exam, the remaining 4 months.

First of all, we bought a reference book run into the bookstore.

To summarize the contents, copy and memorize.

At the end of the work in between work, I just pack the contents in my head.

Originally I was good at memorizing, so it was rather rough, but loading of basic knowledge seemed to be almost successful.

At this point it is a little over one month until the exam.

What to do next.

If you can not get into the problem, I will hand out the problem collection.

What I understood after challenging the problem collection.

I understand it without any reason, but I’m at the mercy of Japanese.

It got caught in the trunk problem.

After that, every day we solve the problem collection.

Car purchase Nagano

The site which gathered past issues of ten years that I found on the net, etc, others I think that the name was a home drill.

This site contributed to the last sport.

As a quiz, you can pick it up and find out whether it is a correct answer or not, so you can easily do it in your free time.

Since problems are also solved for each item, you can concentrate on problems that you are not good at, and check the items as soon as you make a mistake.

While I was doing it over and over, I knew something like a unique tendency or a tendency to catch on.

I tried hardly this home-made drill until the exam and challenged the exam at the time.

The result was superb passing.

I got my first national qualification.

By the way, I do not have a job with my qualification.

As planned at the beginning, I became a story of the story, so I think that it is okay.